Did you know that February is designated National Children’s Dental Health Month (NCDHM), courtesy of the American Dental Association? Our team is all about it and we are excited to introduce you to this initiative and why it began in the first place. 

After all, the best way to embrace healthy oral hygiene habits is to start early. That’s why NCDHM is important to recognize and celebrate in fun and educational ways. 

Read on to discover how this all began and what it means for pediatric oral health… 

A call to action for children’s oral health

There’s more to love in February than Valentine’s Day and that’s National Children’s Dental Health Month

What began as a single day on February 3, 1941 in Cleveland, Ohio, evolved into a week-long observance beginning in 1955. By 1981, it became a month-long event celebrated nationwide. From its beginning, the goal of NCDHM has been to promote awareness about the value of oral health and developing healthy habits from an early age. 

Part of those habits include establishing a schedule of routine dental checkup in order to monitor the development of children’s teeth and gums. 

How can you embrace National Children’s Dental Health Month? 

In addition to ensuring that your children are up to date on their routine dental visits and teeth cleanings, you can explore fun resources about pediatric oral health, including exciting activities like making your own toothpaste. You can even check out the dozens of books devoted to teaching kids about dental health, featuring visits to the dentist, tooth fairy tales, best tooth brushing techniques and more!

First and foremost, make sure your little ones are on our calendar for their routine tooth cleaning and dental examinations. 

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