Rubber Gloves on a Dental Tray

Endodontics, or root canal treatment, is necessary when the nerve cells inside a tooth break down because of decay or trauma. Often the patient experiences significant pain as a result of the nerve dying, but not always. Dental x-rays are usually needed in order to allow Dr. Orzechowski and Dr. Arndt to make a clear diagnosis of the problem. Once the problem tooth is identified, performing a root canal will allow you to keep the tooth for many years rather that needing to have it extracted.  Although Dr. Orzechowski and Dr. Arndt perform many of the root canals for their patients, there are occasions when the patient may need to be referred to an endodontist, a specialist who has additional training in root canal therapy.

In many cases, after the completion of root canal therapy Dr. Arndt and Dr. Francis will recommend that the tooth receive a crown (cap) to protect it. Teeth that have had root canal therapy may become dry and brittle over the years, and placing a crown on the tooth creates strength back to the tooth to help prevent it from fracturing.