When it comes to your dental health, a small change like a new toothbrush can really help keep your dental hygiene effective. If replacing a toothbrush costs less than $2, why not keep up with replacing your toothbrushes when necessary? Often, many of us push this to the wayside and continue brushing with worn, blown out toothbrushes. How often should you replace your toothbrush?

It depends…

Replacing your toothbrush largely depends on how you brush your teeth. While most toothbrushes should be replaced every three to four months (that’s three or four times a year!), you could be replacing your toothbrush sooner if you’re an aggressive brusher or the toothbrush is showing wear and tear.

You should look out for:

  • Bent bristles
  • Split bristles
  • Bristles falling out
  • Missing pieces
  • Bite marks or tooth marks in the handle or head
  • Toothpaste or gunk stuck in the bristles or on the head of the brush
  • Discoloration of the plastic anywhere on the toothbrush

This also includes replacing electric toothbrush heads, and toothbrushes with rubber bits or rubber bristles in them. Keep in mind that toothbrushes are perfect breeding grounds for bacteria (soft, damp, lots of cracks and crevasses) so you’ll want to replace regularly to ensure you’re not introducing bacteria into your mouth every time you brush.

Keeping your toothbrush happy

Don’t forget there are some things you can do to keep your toothbrush happy, and consequently help your mouth at the same time! Rinsing your toothbrush with water after you brush will help dispense of any bacteria or buildup in the toothbrush. Remember not to share your toothbrush — even though a survey says that 15% of people would share their toothbrush with a loved one — and to replace your toothbrush if someone else uses it. 
Swap out your toothbrush every 3-4 months, is the short answer! If you’re visiting for a cleaning every 6 months, then you’ll get a free toothbrush when you visit, too, as a great reminder to swap out your toothbrush for a new one. Ready to get that cleaning? Contact us today to schedule your appointment!