Our Team is Thankful for TMJ Awareness Month 

It might sound strange, but our team is thankful for any initiative that raises awareness about common, yet challenging, dental issues. In this case, November marks TMJ Awareness Month and we’re grateful that there is an official designation to educate the population about this often-overlooked condition. Before the month ended, we wanted to take a moment to highlight some important things to know.


Step by step how to brush teeth properly

We are taught at a young age the importance of brushing our teeth, but how do we know we are brushing correctly? Here are some techniques and steps to follow to make sure you make the best out of your teeth brushing experience. 


What to do with excess candy after Halloween

The thrill of trick or treating is one we can empathize with. We remember being children and wanting to collect as much candy as we possibly could (or would fit in our bags). Realistically, however, after mom and dad have “candy taxed” their children’s collection, most children can’t or won’t be able to eat all of the candy they collected. Many other candies are disliked by children and end up in the trash. Is there a better place that this candy can go to? We go over some great places you can donate your excess candy.

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